10 Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks Reviews 2019

The kitchen sink is an essential element in any type of kitchen: whether simple or sophisticated, small or very large all kitchens should have a sink in which to wash fresh food or clean the dishes or kitchenware.

There are three factors that mainly differentiate one sink from another: the size, shape and material in which they are made.
The first two are the most important if it is to adapt to the shape of a kitchen or the use you make of it. The materials from which they are made affect aesthetics more than practicality.

Size and shapehow to choose kitchen sinks

There are kitchens that, due to their design, force us to use one type of sink or another to maximize the available space.

For example, if we have very little surface of countertop we must opt ​​for a sink of small dimensions, or one corner to take advantage of that space.

Regarding the shape, there are squares, rectangular rounds … forms that may be more or less interesting depending on the habits or taste of those who will use them.
According to the rhythm of life that we carry and the custom that we have or not to use the dishwasher, we have to consider if it suits us to have or not a drainer included in the sink itself. Sometimes, for sinks installed under the countertop, the squeegee is lowered from the countertop material itself, either granite or resin.


best garbage disposal reviewsAs we have anticipated, the granite or resin countertops introduced the fashion of placing the sink under the countertop itself . There is the possibility of placing a recessed as the photo that heads the article, currently there are much more stylish designs that have traditionally been placed so they are still a valid option, if that is what we prefer

The materials

Stainless steel is the material most used because it is the most durable, the one that most endures the abrasion of cleaning products and the one that best “ages” has. If the thickness of the plate of the sufficient sink and the system of drainage of quality, it can be one of the elements of the kitchen that better aspect maintain with the passage of time.
There are other synthetic materials made from resins whose main advantage is the aesthetic possibilities and integration with the design of the rest of the kitchen, colors, finishes, etc. In addition these new materials are very hygienic and withstand the rigors of heavy use, shock, etc. If you give priority to the aesthetics and design of your kitchen this is the option that you should choose.

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Top 10 Kitchen Sinks Reviews (Updated List for 2019)

1. KOHLER K-5540-NA Prolific Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

The KOHLER K-5540-NA sink has a 36-in base cabinet width and it works with all standard countertops! The SilentShield(R) sound-absorption technology allows you to have a quiet dish washing experience. No more loud, “tinny” noise every time you do the dishes. The basin is 10-inches deep, providing you with plenty of workspace. The KOHLER K-5540-NA includes several great accessories, such as a beautiful bamboo cutting board, a colander, a wash bin, and TWO multipurpose grated racks! There’s no need to worry about not being able to set your sink up the way you like it with the KOHLER K-5540-NA, because all of the accessories are designed to stack on each other and slide onto the ledges for a custom arrangement!


With the KOHLER K-5540-NA you receive a  lifetime limited warranty, so if anything happens (within reason, of course) to your sink, KOHLER will replace it for you! This sink is extremely easy to install. As long as you have the proper tools you’re on the way to installing the sink of your dreams.


It appears that this sink isn’t sloped enough to drain properly.

Some people have reported that the sink scratches and rusts extremely easy, but that’s what the racks are for! Put all of your dishes on top of the racks and you won’t have to worry about scratching the bottom of your sink.

2. Kraus KHU100-32 32-inch 16 Gauge Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This heavy-duty, handcrafted sink was made to last. The Kraus KHU100-32 was made with premium grade, extra-thick 16g stainless steel that’s sure to look great for the long haul. The thick stainless steel makes it extremely difficult to scratch or rust. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t really care for a loud sink then this is surely the sink for you. The stainless steel in the Kraus KHU100-32 was made with the best-in-industry NoiseDefend™  soundproofing technology. The additional protective undercoating will save your sink from any kind of dings or dents your dishes might do to it.


The Kraus KHU100-32 comes with a satisfaction guaranteed lifetime warranty, so there’s no need to worry about having to replace the sink if it becomes damaged.

Not only do you get this incredible sink when you make this purchase, but you also get free kitchen accessories! The sink comes with a bottom grid that will protect your sink from scratches, 100% cotton dish towel and a 3-piece basket strainer.


It’s important to understand how truly deep this sink is. If you’re a shorter person you might have a difficult time with this sink because the bottom goes so far down

3. Kraus KHU103-33 33 inch Double Bowl 16 gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The KRAUS KHU103-33 is handcrafted by unbelievably skilled artisans and it’s truly one of the best sinks on the market. The channel grooves inside of the sink were made with drainage in mind. Those grooves ensure that all of the water and gunk go down the drain with ease. This sink is made from 16g stainless steel, making it extremely difficult to scratch up from minimal use. The soundproofing of this sink is of the highest quality  and even includes thick rubber dampening pads to prevent noise, as well! This sink comes with some amazing accessories, like dual stainless steel bottom grids (to protect your sink from being scratched), a drain assembly, and a basket strainer!


The Kraus KHU103-33 is extremely big, which means it’s easier to hide those dirty dishes from dinner guests. Not only is this sink made with top quality materials, but it looks absolutely amazing when it’s installed.


Unfortunately, unless you wipe the sink down after every use, you’ll end up with plenty of water spots, but what stainless steel product doesn’t do that?

If its not properly leveled it wont drain well, but that’s why it’s sometimes better to hire someone to do a job like this.

4. VCCUCINE Commercial 33-inch Farmhouse Apron Handmade Single Bowl Brushed Nickel Kitchen Sink

This VCCUCINE sink is made to last with the 16 gauge stainless steel satin brushed finish. The added finish is intended to stop any scratch and dents, stains or corrosion. Whether your countertop is granite, marble, or concrete, it doesn’t matter. This sink will fit into any type of countertop you have. VCCUCINE makes sure that every customer is completely satisfied whenever you buy a product from them. With the purchase of this sink they include a stainless steel drain assembly with a removable basket strainer (isn’t that convenient?) and a stainless steel dish grid to hold all of your dishes, instead of them sitting in the basin.


Installation of the VCCUCINE Commercial 33-inch Farmhouse Apron Undermount Handmade Single Bowl Brushed Nickel Sink is extremely easy! It doesn’t take too much effort at all to put this sink into your countertop.

Considering what other sinks of this quality are being priced for, this sink is an unbelievably fantastic deal!


Like a lot of other stainless steel sinks, this one tends to rust a bit. Make sure you keep up with wiping it dry after every single use.

5. Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

If you’re looking for a sink that is extremely quiet to use, then you need to buy this sink right now! Called the “Quietest Sink in the World”, the Zuhne 16g T304 Modena was made with pioneering insulation technology that is able to cancel out any daily sink use noise. It also prevents your cabinets from any kind of damage caused by condensation. This sink is compatible with several types of garbage disposals. If you have the Insinkerator or the Moen & Waste King WD, then this sink would be more than perfect for your home.


People say “If it’s free, it’s for me” and that could not be more true than with this sink. Zuhne provides consumers with an ultra-absorbent towel, anti-scratch bottom grid protector, a sink strainer, mounting clips, and a cut out template and manual.

When you purchase this sink you’ll also be purchasing a lifetime warranty and 24/7 customer service!

Unfortunately, the drain ring that comes with it can’t be used with any kind of garbage disposal, so you’ll need to purchase one separately.

For such a high-quality product, the sink protector isn’t the nicest one they could’ve put in.

6. Ruvati 33-inch Workstation Ledge 50/50 Double Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink – RVH8350

This sink by Ruvati is more like a workstation than anything you’ve ever seen before. The Ruvati 33-inch Workstation Ledge 50/50 Double Bowl Undermount 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink – RVH8350 is made out of 16 gauge premium T-304 grade stainless steel. Do you know what that means? It means that if it ever rusts or stains their limited lifetime warranty should cover it. Most stainless steel sinks have a satin finish, but not this one. The brushed finish that they use will hide any and all scratches made to the sink, which is great for those of you that are a bit rough with your pans. Considering that this sink comes with a deep stainless steel colander, a convenient dish-drying rack that can slide into your sink to be used as a workspace, and a solid wood cutting board, you would think that this sink is just too good to be true.


The thick rubber padding and the heavy duty sound guard undercoating will make your dishwashing experience a quiet one.


The cutting board wears down a bit faster than other ones, but it can easily be replaced.

Unfortunately, the free accessories can block the use of the sink, but they can just be removed and put back later.

7. KOHLER K-3361-4-NA Staccato Dual Large/Medium Self-Rimming Kitchen Sink

If you need a sink that’s versatile, there’s no need to look any further. The KOHLER K-3361-4-NA Staccato Dual Large/Medium Self-Rimming Kitchen Sink has self-rimming installation. That means that the sink can be placed into any type of countertop. It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen laminate or tile, this sink will fit into it perfectly. This sink is made of 18-gauge stainless steel and looks absolutely stunning when it’s installed. Unfortunately, the sink only comes with a one year limited warranty, but you’ll most likely love it so much that you’d never want to return in anyways.


The basin is an incredible 8-inches deep, so you’ll be able to hide any of the dirty dishes you have waiting for you after your famous family get togethers.

It comes with a cutting board that fits nicely into the smaller porting of the sink, which is extremely convenient for washing vegetables after you cut them up.


The installation can be a bit tricky, but if you have the right tools you should be able to do it with no problem.

The stainless scratches very easily, but with proper care and maintenance you can make it look brand new any time you’d like.

8. VAPSINT Commercial 30 Inch 18 Gauge Handmade Drop In Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

The VAPSINT Commercial 30 Inch 18 Gauge Handmade Drop In Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink was made with homeowners in mind. The sink was made with premium grade T-304 stainless steel, making it extremely difficult for you to scratch up with your dishes. If you like doing the dishes in silence, then this sink is for you. The sink is sound insulated with 3mm thick rubber pads and a stone guard undercoating. There’s no need to buy extra accessories when you purchase this sink. It comes with everything you need, such as a dish grid, basket strainer, and a stainless steel drying rack!


The sink has a standard 3-½” drain opening that can almost any common garbage disposal system.

Not only is this sink spacious, but it has a commercial grade premium satin finish, making it scratch proof.

This sink is absolutely great for prepping your meals for the whole week!


Even though they put in the proper precautions, the sink can still be a little loud at times.

It can be a little difficult to rinse everything down in one swipe.

The rubber grids on the bottom leave black stains on the sink.

9. Zuhne Turin 33 Inch Farmhouse Apron Front 60/40 Deep Double Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Luxury Kitchen Sink

There’s no reason you need to keep looking after you see this sink. Zuhne Turin 33 Inch Farmhouse Apron Front 60/40 Deep Double Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Luxury Kitchen Sink was made with surgical 16g stainless steel, which means that it’s not only durable, it’s dent-resistant. The corners are extremely easy to clean, which leaves you with more time to spend with your guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen cleaning up gunk in the sink. Speaking of having guests over, the extra deep basin is big enough to hide any dirty dishes you may have piling up.


This is sink has a high end look for low end cost, which is great for your pockets.

The Zuhne Turin 33 Inch Farmhouse Apron Front 60/40 Deep Double Bowl 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Luxury Kitchen Sink comes with a scratch-prevention bottom grate, 3-piece basket strainer, and an absorbent towel.


This sink can be a bit difficult to install, so make sure you know what you’re doing before you begin the installation process.

Unfortunately, it looks like this sink rusts more quickly than you would like. Proper maintenance can prevent this from happening.

10. Blanco 440215 Diamond Double-Basin Drop-In or Granite Kitchen Sink, Anthracite

The Blanco 440215 Diamond Double-Basin Drop-In or Undermount Granite Kitchen Sink is made out of 80% solid granite, giving it the feel of natural stone. The flat deck on this sink allows you to install it as a drop-in sink or an undermount sink. The depths of the basins are capable of holding all of your dirty Thanksgiving dishes while you’re enjoying a glass of wine with your family. This self-rimming sink provides you with the versatility you need to use the countertop of your choice. The limited lifetime warranty gives you a nice safety net in case anything happens to your sink.


The The Blanco 440215 Diamond Double-Basin Drop-In or Undermount Granite Kitchen Sink looks absolutely amazing. The sink has a little bit of elegance, which will make your friends think you paid a lot more than you actually did.

This sink is pretty easy to install, as long as you have the correct tools.


Unfortunately, the color will fade over time. Polishing it on a regular basis will keep this from happening. If you use any cleaners other than Blanco your warranty will be null and void. Check out their website to order some Black cleaner right away, because you’re going to want it.

How to Choose the best kitchen sink in the market?

Kitchen sinks are a product that has always evolved over time. The materials have changed, the designs have changed and the performance of the products has improved to be even cleaner and offer better performance. So if you want to change your sink always do not hesitate to consult the tips of our guide to buy the best kitchen sink. With them you will know exactly what to set out to make the most of the space available in your home.

Main design of the product

For a long time the sinks used to have a main design of a breast with another sine scratched for drying the product, or the open design of two breasts with which to have more space for scrubbing. However, the variations are interesting, including products such as those with a single high-capacity breast or those with two sinuses with a drying zone. Let’s see what they offer us.

The models of one and two breasts generally respond to the traditional design of these products, which have ample space for scrubbing. Something that supports the depth of the products that usually goes around 20 centimeters deep. These are the most common models and are presented in different sizes with which to adjust to what you need.

In the traditional side we also have models of sine and scratched drying area, although in this case there is an interesting evolution. Specifically, it has two breasts, one of normal size and another of reduced size and tight, which in addition to serving as a drain, has space to dry products of small size but that are long. A novelty that gives the product better capacity when scrubbing.

Manufacturing materials

Another aspect in which the world of kitchen sinks has evolved are the materials used to manufacture them. In front of the traditional steel design of the older models, today we have models of synthetic material with really nice finishes.

Within the comparison of kitchen sinks that we are going to make then, it is necessary to take into account the material, since it allows to obtain healthy and healthy products with better cleaning system and adjusted to your decoration. Among these products metals still offer the cheapest option, which has a nice and resistant format that will accompany you for a long time.

On the side of synthetic elements, we can count on products that are manufactured either in different types of resin or in new materials such as silestone, a mixture of granite and resin residues. These models offer a modern image, also with a high resistance to shock and damage of use. But they also improve the appearance of your kitchen, away from traditional metal models, which become additional elements to decorate your home.

Assembly and installation of the product

One of the aspects in which the technique in the assembly of the sinks has evolved refers to the format. Historically, all sinks are mounted in a built-in format, placed above the countertop. However, at present there are many models that are placed under the countertop in the so-called embedded format. This avoids the problems of water loss and deterioration of the furniture in the traditional format.

As for the installation itself, in addition to taking into account the aspect already mentioned, it is also necessary to look for models that really fit what you need on the side of the measurements. These measures must adjust to the available space in the countertop, so that it is not too big nor does it become too small when assembling it.

Finally we can not forget the aspects related to plumbing. In this section it is necessary to verify that the operation and assembly of the taps and drains is appropriate to the installation of your home. The more similar this format is, the simpler it will be to be able to mount the sink at home without the need for additional modifications in the process.

Useful Tips

  • The deeper buckets will give you extra capacity.
  • The size: Although they tell you that with 40X40 sink you have more than enough, if you have space do not hesitate to use it. Scrubbing the kitchen trays without splashing everywhere is wonderful. My sink is 70 cm wide … a bathtub that I enjoy every day. If you can, do not put it less than 60 cm wide even if you have a dishwasher.
  • Too-square sinks with corners at an angle of 90 ° C  make daily cleaning difficult. If you can, try to make the joints rounded to facilitate hygiene in those more complicated areas. The most hygienic materials are the least porous: stainless steel, quartz derivatives, stoneware …
  • How many breasts? Ideally, have a large sink with a pair of breasts . That way you’ll have one for dirty and another for clean. Also with two breasts, washing is always easier, in one scrub and rinse and in the other drains. And if you have dirty crockery, you can wash your vegetables in the clean area without having to immediately scrub everything to leave the sink operational.
  • As important as having a good sink is for the water to evacuate with joy. That the plumber mount a good installation with a generously sized pipe and do not throw food or oils down the drain.
  • Cleaning: must be daily. Do not use sharp elements to scratch it or abrasive products. At home I only use blue scourers, of which they do not scratch. A little soap and water and a dry cloth, will make any sink stay well for years.

Details of Different Types of Kitchen Sinks

1. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

When you are remodeling or designing a kitchen, there are a few things to consider. If you have already decided on stainless steel appliances for that sleek and modern look, there are a few other factors which should be determined to make your design and composition choices more refined and to your taste.

Kitchen sinks come in a slew of different shapes and sizes, with all sorts of different features which serve functional and design purposes. Some aspects to consider when choosing a stainless steel sink is if you are looking for a deep or shallow sink, if you want one basin or two in your sink, and what type of fixtures you want with the sink. Sinks are available in different depths, so consider if you like to pile the dishes high in the sink before you load your dishwasher, or if you want a shallower sink for the sake of design and if you do not use your kitchen often. If you cook soups and roasts in large pans and need a deeper sink which you can wash them in, this would be a good reason not to opt for the shallower version. However, if you often eat out and do not cook very often, a deep sink would not serve well.

Sinks usually come with two options for basins, and those options are sinks with one basin and sinks with two basins. Again, if you do not use your kitchen often, a two basin sink would not be necessary. If you do use your kitchen sink often, a two basin sink would be a convenience for you. Two basins allow you to execute two different things at once in the sink, for example, to wash dishes in one basin, and to thaw out frozen meat in the shallower basin.

The shape and size of the sink and the fixtures that you choose will really pull all of your design ideas together. Remember that these are elemental and the shape and size of the sink should coordinate with the fixtures that you choose. For example, a round stainless steel sink may look more appropriate with an arched faucet and round knobs, while a square kitchen sink might look better with an extendable arm faucet which attaches to the wall behind the sink and a movable lever.

2. Kitchen Sink Taps

Whether remodeling an existing kitchen or working on design plans for the kitchen of a new home, individuals may want to consider using an under mount kitchen sink rather than an overmount (also referred to as drop-in) kitchen sink. Instead of sitting on top of the countertop like traditional overmount sinks do, under mount kitchen sinks are attached to the bottom of the kitchen counter using a strong, durable adhesive, such as epoxy. For heavier sinks, additional supports such as clips, screws, and supports may be used to keep the sink securely in place.

Undermount kitchen sinks are a relatively new type of sink that has been used in many homes remodels and new home construction projects over the last several years. These types of sinks come in many shapes, sizes, materials and colors. Undermount kitchen sinks come in single-bowl, double-bowl, triple-bowl, and farmer-sink styles. Stainless steel, cast iron, granite, copper, porcelain, and acrylic are just of the few materials used to make these versatile sinks. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, including rectangular, round, and oval. Not only do undermount kitchen sinks add to the visual beauty of the kitchen but undermount kitchen sinks provide additional benefits as well.
When a high-end countertop, such as granite, is installed in a kitchen the last thing the homeowner wants is for their countertop to be covered by an over mount sink. By having a sink that sits on top of the countertop, the natural flow of the granite, marble or other countertop material is interrupted by the edges of the sink. While sinks can enhance the beauty of the kitchen, it is best if the visual flow of the countertop is unbroken with the sink only playing a minor role in the appearance of the kitchen. When under-mount kitchen sinks are used, the countertop edges at the sink are finished and polished for a sleek, smooth finish. The functionality of the sink is maximized without compromising the exquisiteness of the countertop.

Because undermount kitchen sinks are attached underneath the countertop, the homeowner does not have to contend with the sink edges when cleaning. Crumbs and pieces of food can get stuck underneath the edges of overmount sinks, which can be unsanitary. Stains and mildew are often problems associated with overmount sinks because of how these types of sinks have to be installed. Issues such as these are irrelevant with undermount sinks.

3. Porcelain Kitchen Sink

There may be some point of time when you are building a new home or remodeling your current home. During those times, you will have to make many choices in appliances, fixtures and home decor. One of the most used rooms in your home is often the kitchen. It is essential to many people to have efficient, stylish and quality products in their kitchen. I’m sure we all use our kitchen sinks for many activities and want quality performance in it as well.

A porcelain kitchen sink is a trendy choice in older homes. It can be a great addition in remodeling of an older home in order to keep the tradition of the home’s age. Porcelain was a stylish choice in materials for homes in past eras. These types of sinks are usually a porcelain coating over the base of cast metal or some other type of metal. They can be buffed into a beautiful shiny display, but can also be easily chipped if a heavy object is dropped on the sink in an improper manner. Also, certain stains can be hard to remove from porcelain.

Many homeowners appreciate the beauty of a vintage farmhouse porcelain kitchen sink. Many kitchens that are rustic and country-style will choose a farmhouse sink. They can sometimes be rare finds, to locate one that is in good condition, but they are well worth the search for homeowners that want the unique style of older porcelain sinks. These types of sinks will often boast a visible front and have very deep basins. Many people will integrate other furniture pieces so that they can create a tailored design.

Porcelain sinks can be purchased in many different shapes. Some vintage sinks are single basins with drainboards or double basins. However, modern day porcelain kitchen sinks will often have three basins. Two large basins for the use of everyday activities and the third are often used for garbage disposals. Helpfulforhomes.com wrote a buying guide on garbage disposal. Many homeowners will also opt for extra deep bowls. Deep bowls are great to use for washing large pots and pans, giving a baby a bath or even to bathe a pet.

There are also special designs for bowls to be used in a corner placement in order to achieve the homeowner’s specific style. Regardless of which shape you decide to use in your design, porcelain kitchen sinks can be incorporated to satisfy tastes that range from modern to rustic.

4. Ceramic Kitchen Sink

Any type of sink is essential in a kitchen for washing dishes, washing hands or pouring some water. There have been many types of sinks that have been invented, some being wonderful and others being not so good. Some sinks just don’t do a good enough job holding the water into the sink and you end up with a wet countertop. Ceramic sinks are a great alternative to the metal or plastic sinks that have been seen in the past.

Ceramic kitchen sinks look nice and are incredibly easy to clean. You can wipe them down with soap and water to gain the shine back that was lost while the sink was dirty. No need to use special sprays to get all the dirt and grime off. These types of sinks are scratch and heat resistant. You don’t need to worry when you carelessly throw a knife in the sink from a few feet away. This careless act will cause no harm. Also, when you are done boiling a hot pan of water, feel free to set it right into the sink when you drain your food, as this will not cause any damage.
Most sinks are left with a watermark or an imprint of a hot surface; however, this is not the case with ceramic kitchen sinks. Another great aspect of this sink is that it does not stain easy and doesn’t fade. Sometimes kids will pour their leftover kool-aid down the sink and not rinse the rest down. This causes many sinks to stain with the bright kool-aid color that is known for staining counters and clothing. With a ceramic sink, the kool-aid is able to sit in there for many hours without causing any types of stains!

A popular craze over the ceramic sink is that you can customize it according to your kitchen style. While many people choose white, you are also able to choose from the colors of cream, off-white, silk, pearl and ivory.

Another benefit to selecting a ceramic sink is that they are lighter and more manageable than the sinks made in the past decades. Most sinks were made of cast iron which was hard to control because of its weight and size. When choosing to install a ceramic sink, professionals can be in and out with your complete sink installation in no time.

Make sure when you are choosing your sink type and style that you choose the one that will fit your home and needs of kitchen essentials.

5. Corner Kitchen Sink

Kitchens are designed with the home chef in mind and within the limitations of the space available. The sink is one of the most used and important elements in any kitchen. Many home and kitchen designers have begun to place the sink in a corner space in the kitchen. Placing the sink in the corner of the kitchen has become popular in smaller size kitchens to utilize the space most efficiently.

This makes sense because corner space on a normal kitchen counter can often be a waste of space. Think about it. When you have a regular countertop in the corner of your kitchen, it can be the most inconvenient place to work, and that extra space hardly gets used and often just becomes a place to store kitchen gadgets. A corner kitchen sink, however, enables the space to become completely usable and comfortable to use, putting a straight line across the once 90-degree corner. The home chef can use the space on the straight lines of the countertop for needed food preparation space and fully utilize the kitchen space by having a corner sink.
Corner kitchen sinks aren’t just for people looking to make the best use of a small kitchen, but also for people who have very large kitchen spaces. If you have two sinks in a kitchen, the corner is the best place to put one of them. Having multiple sinks in a large kitchen is a huge advantage, and so much more the advantage is having one of them in the corner, allowing you to maximize the space.

One concern many people designing their new home kitchen may have is that if they do put in a corner sink, will they be limited to the type of sink they have to use? Not, and any kind of sink can work in a corner space. Since you are simply turning the 90-degree corner into a straight line with the sink, the same sink you would put into the straight part of the counter is used. So, this will eliminate any worry that you might have that limited selections of sinks are available to use as a corner kitchen sink.

Some sinks are designed right into the countertop, a very popular feature for stainless steel countertop and easily fitted around corner kitchen sink designs. As you can see, corner kitchen sinks have many advantages and are in no way limiting in design or style.

6. Granite Kitchen Sink

Granite is a material that has been used for hundreds of years in home building materials. One of the newest kitchen ideas that homeowners’ are beginning to desire is granite sinks. If you are looking for a durable and easy-to-maintain sink for your kitchen, then a granite sink would be a great choice. Sinks that are made of granite can resist the wear and tear of everyday like cutting, chipping, denting and staining.

The bowls of granite sinks come in different depths. The sinks that have extra-deep bowls are perfect for larger pots and roasters. Depths of the sinks can range from 5” to 12”. In a granite sink, the drain placement varies and the most common place is the center. When the drain is located in the rear, there is more space in the bowl. The plumbing for the sink is set in the back giving additional space under the cabinet. Not having a rim from being installed underneath, food or debris can be wiped right into the sink. A solid countertop of human-made material, concrete or stone allow for the sink to be installed underneath.
The popular choice of a granite kitchen sink adds glamour and beauty to the kitchen. The sink is made of ultra strong materials which make the sink basically fade proof, non-porous, long wearing, non-absorbent and scratch resistance. The best feature of the sink that buyers enjoy is that it never loses its shine. Granite kitchen sinks have larger bowls and come in many different colors. Metallic is the color in greatest demand today. Granite sinks are more expensive, but with its many benefits, it is worth the money.

Benefits of a granite kitchen sink:

  1. Size is flexible. These sinks are not limited to what the manufacturers have and can be made any size you want.
  2. Sink accessories. Granite sinks can be made to hold colanders, cutting boards, draining racks and any faucet.
  3. Aesthetics. The counter is recessed into the counter and blends in well. It also keeps its polished look.
  4. Easy to repair chips. Corners can easily be chipped be filled in just as easily with epoxy grout and granite dust.
  5. Easy to keep clean. Small bits of food cannot get stuck in the angles and corners. The bottom of the sink is lined with a stainless steel pan for everything to drain properly. This pan also prevents staining.

7. Apron Kitchen Sink

Today, the kitchen in a home has taken on many roles with different work zones. Out of these zones, the busiest area is the kitchen sink. This has led sinks to become an essential element of the kitchen’s decor. The makers of kitchen sinks have now recognized the importance of sinks as both a decorative and functional piece of the kitchen. This is why there is now a large variety of kitchen sinks to suit multiple functions and the varying needs of consumers.

A very popular kitchen sink is the apron kitchen sink, also referred to as a farmhouse sink. They have become favorites to homeowners for many reasons; including the traditional atmosphere they bring into the kitchen. Within the last ten years, the demand for this type of sink has increased greatly. The apron kitchen sink is defined as the best and most elegant decor for a kitchen. With the farmhouse feel, they have become the most favorable and liked sink for many home owners.
Apron kitchen sinks are used often in kitchens that have a rustic or country look but are still popular in modern kitchens too. This type of sink is characterized by the front of the sink which rises above the countertop and comes out just slightly from the cabinetry. The bowl of the apron kitchen sink is very deep. This type of sink is usually wider than the typical sink and this gives the space of a double sink without having a divider in between.

Besides the very common color white, they are also available in bone, black, bisque and other colors. The sink is set apart from other types because of its design and the materials it is made from. The apron kitchen sink comes in copper, stainless steel, cast iron and vitreous china. Out of these four materials, the cast-iron sink is the most common.

Because of the growing popularity of apron kitchen sinks, there are now many more designs and options available for consumers. Manufacturers are continually offering different styles, colors and materials. When there is a bigger and better selection of sinks, there is a better chance you will find the perfect sink for your own kitchen.

Reasons to use an apron kitchen sink:

  1. Durability
  2. Practicality
  3. Easy to reach into
  4. Attractive
  5. Gives an antique farmhouse feel
  6. Takes up less space
  7. Single basin still has a lot of depth

8. Black Kitchen Sinks

Every color of the rainbow carries with it connotations. However, the dreariness that is often associated with black transforms to elegance and sophistication in the context of fashion. The little black dress is a must-have by any woman’s standards, and I challenge you to find me a man who does not have a black suit coat. This reputation of black as elegant has made its way off the clothing racks and into the kitchen. If you are looking to add a touch of sophistication to a typically down-to-earth room, consider opting for a black sink.

Black sinks offer more than the aesthetic value to the kitchen. White porcelain and stainless steel sinks tend to show scratches and dents more vividly. Also, the black sinks camouflage the everyday wear and mess that is bound to accumulate in any home.
By purchasing a black sink, you now have the option of buying black appliances that will accommodate it nicely. Black toasters, coffee makers, and electric can openers carry many advantages of the classy black sink. Dust and dirt will be concealed easier than if the appliances were standard white or chrome.

Of course, incorporating a black sink into your kitchen does not mean that it will become a dark and dreary room. The solid black would be an excellent accompaniment to colored towels, tablecloths, or curtains. Bright colors will awaken the room to present a lively air, while a more subtle color simply prevents the room from appearing to have a lack of emotion. However, the classic black and white look, with maybe a few added touches of chrome for pizzazz, can never be overdone.

Black kitchen sinks offer all the choices that other sinks would. Before purchasing your black sink there are a few common decisions to consider. First, you must consider the financial aspect of renovating your kitchen as you would with any home project. Black sinks cost around $200 to $300 depending on the material you choose. After you have decided this is a step you are going to take, visualize yourself doing the dishes or other work in the sink. Something as simple as choosing a single basin when a double basin would have suited you better could make or break the joy you feel after the project is complete.

For those of you who are renovating the whole kitchen as opposed to just the sink, plan the rest of the kitchen as you go. Maybe you will find a color or pattern for accents that you want to incorporate. Bring a sample with you when picking out the new black kitchen sink so disappointment will not run over you when it is installed in your home.

9. Copper Kitchen Sink

A copper sink can be a beautiful accent piece in your kitchen, but it’s important to consider the pros and cons of copper as a material and to choose the right copper sink for your needs. Copper is a natural antimicrobial element, so it is a natural choice for health conscious consumers. Additionally, it does not rust or corrodes, and its warm color meshes well with a variety of kitchen decors. Light and dark wood tones especially go well with the warm, rich color of copper. Because of its natural, custom look, a copper sink can add to the value of your home as well as enhancing the beauty of your kitchen.

Copper sinks come in a variety of gauges (thicknesses) and finishes. A good rule of thumb to follow: the thicker the gauge, the more durable the sink is. Too thin a gauge and your sink may buckle or warp under too much weight. The thinner gauge copper sinks also tend to create more noise when in use. A thicker gauge sink will be sturdier and stand up to more weight and use while minimizing noise in the kitchen.
One significant advantage to copper sinks is the vast array of different styles and custom-made pieces. Copper sinks come in all shapes and sizes, from the standard double-bowl model to unique works of art. Hammered, smooth, polished, with designs or without, you can find a copper sink to suit your style. Two basic finishes are available, though variants exist for both. Natural brown has a weathered appearance and a darker hue, and tends to go well with rustic or traditional kitchens. Clear gloss is a traditional “copper” color with bright highlights and a rich, warm glow, perfect for more modern kitchens.

Because copper is a natural element, it reacts with chemicals and develops a unique patina with repeated use. Some copper sinks are sold with this patina already in place, so you can be certain of the exact look of your sink. Others are sold unpolished so that you can develop the patina yourself over time. Which type of sink you choose depends on your personal taste, but be aware that any harsh cleaners can destroy the existing patina and even damage your sink. Copper sinks require occasional waxing to bring out their natural shine. To get the most from your copper sink, always follow your manufacturer’s directions when cleaning or waxing your sink.

With proper care in choosing and maintaining your new copper sink, it will be a showpiece in your kitchen for years to come.

10. Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

When you think of cast iron, your mind may immediately jump to the heavy cast iron cooking pans which last forever. There is, in fact, another way which you can incorporate cast iron into your kitchen if you are a fan of the material. Many sink manufacturers are now using cast iron to make sinks.

Cast iron sinks is a good option for you if you like the color black or dark colors and you do not want a black sink which is too high gloss or shiny like acrylic and porcelain sinks. Cast iron sinks are still black in color but have a muted and subdued look because the finish is not high polish. There are also other options for cast iron sinks besides the traditional cast iron look which includes different colors and finishes.

Cast iron sinks are available in natural earth tone colors but also in pretty pastel blues, oranges, and even pinks. Cast iron sinks are available in unique shapes just like any other sink, and can be made to fit round, square, and ovular spaces and even more non traditional organic shapes as well. A cast iron sink is also a great choice if you are looking for something durable. Cast iron is almost indestructible and therefore in its use as a kitchen sink, it should last for quite a while.
Cast iron sinks require unique care and should not be cleaned just like a porcelain sink. There are certain things which you should not use in caring for your kitchen sink which includes abrasive materials such as steel wool, or wire brushes. The best way to clean your cast iron sink without risking scratching or damaging the sink is to use a soft cloth to wipe it down after it has been used.

Not only are cast iron sinks aesthetically lovely and durable which makes them a great option for your kitchen sink, but the cast iron sinks, especially the ones made by Kholer are environmentally friendly and made of recycled materials. In this day and age it is very important to be environmentally friendly and not waste materials from our earth and this is one way which you can be smart about recycling. The recycled material does not diminish the style or quality of the sink, and in this case, it actually makes the choice more stylish and qualified.

How to Install Kitchen Sinks?

There are different techniques to install a kitchen sink. A top mount is very easy to install. All you need to do is put a self-rimming sink into the hole. Under mount is harder to install. You need a solid surface countertop or stone for an under mount. An under mount looks nice because you won’t see the sink rim above the counter top. A tile-in has the benefits of both the under mount and the top mount. You can mount a tile-in with a tiled surface so it looks like the sink and the surface are one piece.

When we already have clear what material we need or more we like, we must choose the type of installation for our kitchen sink . There are several ways to install a sink. There is the insert, on frame, Slim fit, integrated flush, on frame or under counter or BMG. Multiple ways to give originality to your kitchen. A range in the complete market that will surely be able to adapt to your tastes.

The installation of the most common kitchen sinks is that of a sink. In it, the kitchen sink is positioned on the countertop and fixed with staples. That is, the installation of all life. Now, if what you want is a topical installation, we recommend the installation under BMG worktop. It is absolute trend and increasingly modern kitchen opts for it. On the other hand, you can also choose models of sinks that can be integrated flush, that is, flush with the countertop. Without being flush, but at a similar level, you could also use the Slim fit. This way you can get a totally smooth and continuous surface of the worktop. An elegant and discreet finish.

Finally, if what we prefer is to enhance the originality or quality of the sink, we can install it on a frame. That is, make it stand out and give prominence.