What to Serve With Pot Roast


If you’ve decided to prepare some succulent pot roast for lunch and are giddy to invite all of your friends to join in on the festivities, as well, but aren’t sure what else to serve along with this delicious meal – you’ve come to the right place, alright!

The thing is, pot roast represents such a rich mixture of flavors in and of its own, that it can easily stand alone as a meal you can serve for any occasion and still wow everyone with your cooking skills. That said, not even the best recipes are immune to a bit of experimentation now and then.

While we won’t venture to teach you how to reinvent the wheel and prepare the pot roast in some cheeky novel way, we will offer you 8 different side dish suggestions you may want to take into consideration when serving pot roast.

Right then cooking aficionados here’s the deal.

Best Pot Roast Side Dishes

1) Dinner Rolls

Since one of the most pronounced qualities of pot roast would be its gravy, many experienced chefs opt to pair up this main dish with something capable of absorbing this gravy. The idea is that a piece of pastry will soak up the gravy and so give the whole meal an additional puffy texture and improved taste.

If you fancy going down this path, as well, one of the best options to pursue would be to get you some dinner rolls. What you get is an oblong, buttery ball that will soak up the gravy and complement the meat excellently, no doubt about it.

2) Mashed Potatoes

It’s no secret that a meal as commonly found and as easy to make as mashed potatoes can be paired up with virtually any other meal and still taste brilliant. The same goes for pot roast.

Many cooks swear by mashed potato and meat mixes! The thing is, the meat provides the energy punch and most of the taste, while the soft mashed potatoes are there to provide a gentle note. (And also improve your digestion afterward.)

So, for folks looking for a pot roast complement, it doesn’t get much better than mashed potatoes. (They’re also quite easy to make, so even if you’re a rookie, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them.)

3) Green Beans

Now, we’ve already mentioned just how well potatoes go with virtually anything that’s got meat in it. This is partly because potatoes are vegetables and vegetables complement meat well because of the fibers they’ve got inside.

So, the same is true of many other vegetables out there, and green beans aren’t any different. Whether you fancy them roasted, smoked, or otherwise boiled, green beans will add both flavor and texture to your pot roast dish, making it easier to swallow down AND tastier than just the pot roast on its own, as well. (Also, if you like to take pictures of your food before consuming it, green beans offer some great visuals, so to speak, especially when paired about with brown meat!)

4) Cheese with Cauliflower

Even though cauliflower can easily stand on its own as a side dish to pot roast, combining it with some delicious ‘n’ stretchy cheese can be a proper bullseye!

In this mixture, the cauliflower provides gentle vegetable undertones, while the cheese gives you that edginess in the department of taste and texture. Also, it’s quite a visually pleasing combination. What’s not to love here?

5) Creamy Spinach

Another vegetable & dairy mixture you’ve got to try out would certainly be the spinach and milk creamy spinach combo!

The recipe for this delicious meal is quite simple and it only requires you some milk, some spinach, and then some butter. Of course, you can experiment with different seasonings to your heart’s content. The resulting concoction will complement any meat-based main course like a charm because you’ll get the creamy and milky texture, while the taste will give away notes of a vegetable garden in the summer! (Or something along those lines, anyway.)

Quite easy to make and positively delicious. A must-try, indeed!

6) Wine

As we said in the introduction to this article, pot roast is a sort of the main course that can also be served on its own.

So, as our entry number 6, we’ve decided to try out this unique approach. Rather than organizing a side dish, how about you try adding a bottle of fine wine, instead?

This can be a great solution for folks who are in a hurry and haven’t got the time to make a brand new side dish out of nowhere. The thing is, wine is quite tasty on its own, so pairing it up with pot roast will not only provide some liquid to wash down the meat but also give you some unique taste, as well.

7) Mac & Cheese

When in doubt what to serve along with some meat, going for some macaroni and cheese is always the safest bet. And this is for a good reason.

You see, this rather simple, but quite delicious meal is a well-known college student dish that you can make in 10 minutes and its taste will be disproportionately good to the amount of effort you’ve put into making it. So, imagine what taste explosion you will make if you combine this thing with some finely-done pot roast!

8) Buttered-Up Beans

Last but not least, you can pair up several meat-based main courses with a simple but brilliant side dish called – butter beans.

The idea behind this recipe is quite simple. All you need to do is pair up these beans with some melted butter, mix them up a bit to spread the butter over them evenly, and Bob’s your uncle! (Of course, you need to boil or roast the beans beforehand.)

All things considered, pot roast represents one of the best main courses out there, so as long as you don’t mess up the side dish, your special luncheon or dinner should go just finely. All of the aforementioned propositions can be a great option, so make your choice and enjoy your culinary exploits!

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