Frozen Yogurt Bites Recipe


No matter the time of day, yogurt is always one of my favorite treats. It’s perfect because it blends into smoothies, can make a great dipping sauce and is delicious even on its own. There are so many flavors (pineapple is my favorite) and the combinations are endless. I’ve been on the hunt for summer treats that are super easy to make and easy to store. These frozen yogurt bites are simple, tasty and only take a few minutes to make a batch.

The great thing about these frozen yogurt bites is you can use multiple flavors so everyone is happy. I used plain yogurt for mine because I wanted to avoid some of the sugar flavored yogurts tend to have. The granola and fruit gives it enough sugar to be a sweet treat for me. You can experiment with flavors and topping- get creative! Regular yogurt is delicious and you could even make a quick smoothie of vanilla yogurt with green fruits and veggies for the kids.

I used a muffin tin to make the frozen yogurt bites because it’s perfect size for snack bites. You could use muffin wrappers for this part but I didn’t need to since mine popped out with a knife pretty easily. I just grabbed our bag of granola and sprinkled a layer in the muffin tin, added a few tablespoons of yogurt and topped with fresh raspberries- pretty simple!

After about 45 minutes they were frozen and ready to eat. At this point, you can enjoy them or pop them into a freezer safe zip lock bag and just grab a couple when you need a good snack. I’ll definitely be keeping these frozen yogurt bites in the freezer this summer.

Frozen Yogurt Bites


  • 1 cup yogurt
  • ½ cup granola
  • ¼ cup fresh fruit


  1. In a muffin tin, layer granola, 2-3 tbsp yogurt and top with fresh berries
  2. Freeze for 45 minutes, using a knife pop yogurt bites out of muffin tin
  3. Store in freezer safe zip lock

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